Life is the most precious possession we have. This is why Yogis dedicate their lives to embodying and emanating the true and ultimate purpose of this priceless human Life. Essentially, Yoga recognizes three irrefutable components that define Life for all beings:

1.     We are all conscious and aware;

2.     We all breathe and experience energy; and

3.     We all have some form of embodiment. 

If you are alive, these fundamental qualities are the foundation of your life. For millennia, yogis have found that by placing intense, focused attention on these components within themselves, their Life grew and expanded! And because they embody more Life, Yogis naturally emanate this Life-enhancing energy to all beings! More Attention on Life = More Life = The Nectar of Immortality!

Hridaya (meaning “spiritual heart”) Hermitage (reclusive place of practice) is home to practicing Yogis and our Gurus Bhagavan VaShi Baba and his wife Sri Mirabai Ishwari—it is a sacred, beautiful and inspiring place where the ancient teachings of VaShi Yoga thrive. Bhagavan Vashi Baba and Mirabai Iswari  devote their efforts for the benefit of all beings on intense spiritual sadhana, and on teaching and guiding the disciples of Hridaya. Our Guru Bhagavan is practicing to attain the Divya Deyha or Divine Body, the greatest of the Yogic siddhis and the ultimate fulfillment of divine human potential.

Hridaya Hermitage is located in the mountains of western Maine, USA. Our public events are a rare, inspirational opportunity to step out of daily life and travel back in time to a pure Yogic hermitage reminiscent of ancient India. We welcome guests and visitors by prior arrangement to attend our retreat programs and advertised public events, or to visit our sacred shrines and temples.

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The mission of Hridaya Hermitage is to pursue, propagate and practice the teachings of Yoga. 

Ѯ Om Narbhavi Swaha Ѯ 

"Goodness is manifest for all beings."