"If I do not get established in wisdom now, when shall another opportunity arise?" (Yoga Vashista)

Yoga refers to a traditional model for health, healing and longevity, being taken as a disciplined method of spiritual practices to achieve the best potential of human life. The yoga practices are not an end themselves, but mainly “they are linked to a broader template of embodied strategies that purport to remove ignorance (Avidya)” ,  which is known to be the main source of human suffering (GOLDBERG, 2009). Ancient yogis apply the practices of yoga to purify their bodies and its elements before immersing themselves into meditation.

In 1989, Bhagavan Vashi Baba established Hridaya Hermitage to create a traditional Yogic hermitage dedicated to the authentic teachings and lineage of Vashi Yoga. Vashi Yoga literally translates to mean “union with the controller”. The foundation of Vashi Yoga, taught by Bhagavan Vashi Baba, originates from the SatGuru (the great Guru) called Bhusunda. The account of Bhusunda´s life and teachings are depicted in the Yoga Vasistha, an epic Yoga scripture detailing the secret of his renowned longevity based on the practice of Pranayama (expansion of pran – the life force)