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Hermitage Life

Hermitage Life

An authentic yogic hermitage in the heart of the Maine woods

An authentic yogic hermitage in the heart of the Maine woods

Hridaya Hermitage is a traditional yogic ashram in the mountains of western Maine, USA. We are a group of disciples living and practicing as families and individuals in community with our Gurus, as the Rishis did in ancient times.

As such, we offer the visitor an experience of a way of life that has almost disappeared from the modern world, even in India.

Situated on 100 wooded acres, our home is peaceful and beautiful, and a bit removed from the normal world, as you might expect an ashram to be. But our life together is so much more than a “lifestyle.”

As yogis and yoginis, we are initiated disciples who are yoked to our Guru in the time-honored way. The flow of our activity revolves around spiritual practice, both morning and evening.

To enhance our practice, we look to create and constantly refine the most supportive environment possible for spiritual and physical health. This includes a largely raw, vegan diet and minimal use of electronic devices. As a side effect of our remote location, we have no indoor plumbing. All our buildings are heated with wood.

It takes quite a bit of work to keep an ashram going! So most of us do not have conventional jobs. Our family businesses that earn money include carpentry, tattoo artistry and freelance writing. We also benefit greatly from donations and the income from our retreats and other programs.

We have a non-accredited private school program, based on the traditional Gurukul model, for our children who choose to attend school here. Several of our older children currently attend the Good Will-Hinckley charter school in Fairfield, ME.

Like people everywhere we love nature and animals, and our family currently includes four dogs, a cat and two parrots. Our extended family also includes disciples who do not currently live at the ashram.

Our Yogic life is definitely not easy. But it is True. This is the source of the harmony you feel when you visit.