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Shiva Lila: Our Devotional Chanting

Shiva Lila is...

...composed by yogis who live and practice at Hridaya Hermitage. They sing "Bhajan", the devotional chants of Yogis, a practice originating in India, accompanied by percussion instruments. We journey from our remote Yogic Hermitage in the Western Mountains of Maine to Yoga Schools, Centers, Temples, Homes and beyond to emanate Humanity's true purpose through our music, yoga, and meditation.  We perform to support Hridaya Hermitage, a non-profit dedicated to enhancing all life through yoga and EMANATION.  Join us in celebrating life through the universal language of chanting!

Om Narbhavi Swaha ~"May goodness be experienced by all beings"

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Shiva Lila Kirtan (aka Bhajan) is a beautiful inspiration to all existing life. Their voices will guide you to realms of infinite dimension where you soul is anointed with love, truth and direction. Theri journey is your journey to spiritual awakening. Let them take you there. Let them show you the way ~ Namaste
— Kampa VaShi Deva via Facebook
The musicians of Shiva Lila are the Rock Stars of Kirtan (aka Bhajan) for me. Their musicianship, energy and passion awakens both body and mind and allows spirit to rise. It becomes an experience of powerful worship of, reverence for, and celebration of life.
— Lana via Facebook
I got your CD at Unity last week...it’s FABULOUS!
— Paula via Facebook
Shiva Lila is fantastic and so is their new CD ; )!
— Michelle via Facebook