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We are a group of Yogis dedicated to benefiting all beings. We all practice, live a life of service and work full time to support this goal. Serving our community, people who visit from all over the globe, and the world at large, with the emanations of our intention and meditation on a world free of suffering. We focus all of our energy to becoming true humane beings so a fulfilled life is possible for all. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to benefit all beings you will find the link bellow. Thank you! 

Festival Donation
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We offer monthly Yoga Festivals

Festivals at Hridaya celebrate and honor Yogi life. We invite one and all to “test the waters” and investigate Yoga, the Hermitage and our 12 Principles of Sat Manava Yoga teaching series.


Help us create a world where a fulfilled life is possible for all beings!

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Have an item or service to donate?

With over a hundred acres of land, 15 buildings, monthly public services and more, there is always a project in progress!

Check out the crowd funding campaign running for one of the Hermitage Yogis: