Yoga Festivals

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Across all cultures and traditions festivals have been a time for people to come together and celebrate. Often based around a belief system, they are also a time of learning and honoring accomplishments.

Festivals at Hridaya celebrate and honor Yogi life. We invite one and all to “test the waters” and investigate Yoga, the Hermitage and our 12 Principles of Yoga teaching series. You will experience the sacredness of our ceremonies and emmerse yourself into the vast philosophy of traditional yoga.

Our Festivals are entirely supported by full-time practitioners who follow the traditional path of Yoga, living and studying with our Gurus Sri Bhagavan VaShi Baba and Sri Mirabai Ishwari.


For us, Yoga is not a mere discipline, but cause for festivity. Life is our most precious possession. Yoga gives us the means and the method to reach our greatest desire and potential in Life: to experience and emanate fulfillment, benefiting all beings. There is no greater cause for celebration!

Each festival introduces the 12 Principles of Yoga as outlined by our Gurus, current holders of the VaShi Yoga lineage, Yoga's oldest unbroken lineage. Whether you have been studying Yoga for years or just exploring, this day will deepen your understanding and enhance your life.

As an introduction into a Principle and Yogic living as a whole, the day is full of teachings, clarifying examples, potent exercises, and practical application. Check out the Festival dates available.



Each festival is hosted at our secluded Yogic mountain hermitage with shrines, temples and rushing streams, you are surrounded by tranquil emanations. With insightful teachings, inspiring ceremonies, incredible live kirtan (sacred music) featuring Shiva Lila, and delicious vegan fare, among people who have chosen Yoga as a way of life, our festivals are an unforgettable event. Check the  complete schedule and also the dates of our Festivals.

Each Festival stands alone, offering you the opportunity to come at anytime. Or join us monthly for the complete year of Yogi life and celebration, taking full advantage of this exceptional opportunity to deepen your practice and your experience of fulfillment.

Yoga is our Life. Come celebrate with us! We run the festivals based on donations and you are welcome to help us! 

Do you want to know which are the 12 principles of Sat Manava Yoga? Access our Sat Manava Yoga 12 principles philosophy page.

 Overnight accomodations are available! Contact us for more informantion!

If you are interested in a more immersive experience, see our Retreat page and its complete Calendar of  dates and other events.

Yoga is our Life. Come celebrate with us! See you soon!