GetTing in touch with hridaya

Hridaya Hermitage is a religious organization and is dedicated to spiritual yogic practice. The residents have a specific routine and schedule devoted to yoga and to benefit all beings. Because of this we are not open for spontaneous visitors.

We only receive visitors that are scheduled. You can schedule your visit to come and meet our teachings, spend the day, or to enroll in one of our retreats, yoga classes or festivals.

If you want to visit us, please get in touch by calling, e-mailing or you can 'friend' us on Facebook and we can communicate through it.

Once your visit is scheduled we will be glad to receive you and offer your the best of our attention and love.

When coming for overnight visits, please remember to bring appropriate clothing for hiking through the forest, rain, and cool weather. We are in the mountains of Maine where the weather can change quickly.

We look forward to speaking with you about your visit.

Om Namah Shivaya

Contact Info

Bhagavan Das Shyam 207-542-6606

Sita Vashi Devi 207-485-1228,

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