Hridaya Hermitage offers visitors a immersion on Vashi Yoga pratice and yogic life style.

Through this retreat the practitioner or visitor is able to improve awareness on his/her life and make improvements necessary to boost wealth and live better.



8:00 am Yogi Breakfast

9:00 am Upadesha with Bhagavan VaShi Baba

11:30am VaShi Yoga Teaching (one on one or small group guided practice)

1:15 pm Yogi lunch

2:30 pm Pradakshina (meditation walking)

2:30 pm Yogic herbal consultation *

3:30 pm seva (selfless service, community work)

3:30 pm two person Yoga massage *

5:30 pm Yogi dinner

7:00 pm VaShi meditation

9:00 pm sauna with ashram residents (optional)

Sunday Schedule

5:50 am VaShi Sadhana (unguided practice) optional 

8:45 am Puja ceremony at Shiva Loka

9:15 am Yogi Breakfast

10:45 am VaShi Yoga teaching (one on one or small group guided/ instructional practice)

12pm VaShi Mandala (meditation for world peace) optional 

1:15 pm Yogi Lunch

2-2:45 pm seva

2-2:45 pm follow up consultation/ take home program  *

3:00 pmSatsang with Sri Bhagavan VaShi Baba

5:30 pm Yogi Dinner

6-6:30 pm departure

*optional packages  



One overnight and day $150

Weekend (2 nights/ days) $295

Weekend (2 nights/ days)

With massage $395

With consultation $395

with massage and consultation $495             


Separate costs: 

 $100 for two person massage ( 1 hour)

 $100 for Yogic diet and herbal consultation (1 hour)