Yoga Retreat

Hridaya Hermitage offers you...  

... an immersion in Yoga practice and yogic living. In our yoga retreat we offer you an opportunity to immerse on Yoga studies and Vashi Yoga practice during a whole weekend or daily program, including vegan meals, Vashi yoga class, cleansing practices and meditation. You will be guided towards the Vashi Yoga teachings and practice, enjoy meditation on trails and in our temples and be part of our daily activities.


our yoga retreat program is held throught the Weekend* (2 nights/ 2 days):$275

*Arrival on friday from evening, retreat runs through Saturday and Sunday.

The retreat starts at 8:00am on Saturday, ending on Sunday 6:00pm, including dinner.


Separate costs for optional services: 

a) Vashi massage ( 1 hour) :$100

b) extra meal: $ 15

C) Extra night: $50


Overnights are part of our program and you can choose one of the 2 bedrooms for you in our Guest House Shodhana. It is a house that fits a maximum of 4 people, with one living room and 2 bedrooms. Each bedroom fits 2 people, one has a queen bed and the other has a bunk bed. Each room has its private restroom. Check out our guest house below:

... Come and discover the ancient roots of yoga...

ѮOm Narbhavi SwahaѮ