The Practice of Vashi Yoga

“ I know that I am the world, all the activities in it and its intelligence. This is the secret of my longevity.”  - Sat Guru Bhusunda

Sri Bhusunda:  The  Great  Chiranjivi  in  the  Form  of  a  Crow

 Central to his practice of Yoga is Bhusunda’s adoration for the infinite power of Prana and the graceful practice of Pranayama. In Sanskrit, Prana means “ life force” which is the animating force that infuses life-sustaining energy to all living beings. Prana is a substratum power of the universe, an infinite, vibrational energy caused by the interplay of two opposing forces. These opposing forces are Apana, an inward and downward moving energy and Prana, a outward and upward energy. These two energies are in perpetual motion, rising and falling like waves on an ocean in order to spark the diversity of creation.

               “That energy which thus vibrates in the heart-lotus is known as Prana: it enables the eyes to see, the skin to feel, the mouth to speak, the food to be digested and it performs all the functions of the body. It has two different roles, one above and one below, and it is then known as Prana and Apana…..Prana and Apana are constantly in motion inside and outside the body: Prana is the that vital air which is established in the upper part and Apana is established in the lower part.  I am devoted to them, which are free from fatigue, which shine like the sun and the moon.”

Pranayama literally translates to “ the extension of life force”. It is achieved through the application of systematic breathing techniques that exploit the influx and efflux of Apana and Prana respectively,. By riding the breath with every respiration, Pranayama seeks to balance the flow of these opposites energies.  For Bhusunda, the practice of Pranayama is at the core of his practice. Unlike other traditions of Hatha Yoga that consider Pranayama a subordinate limb to liberation, Bhusunda elevates Pranayama to the pinnacle of spiritual practices and the most direct means to an embodied liberation.


Vashi Yoga: The Formal Practice

The system of Vashi Yoga imparts aspirants with the understanding and techniques to begin shifting their attention to towards this attainment. As in classical yoga, Vashi Yoga starts with the preliminary purification methods that prepare the aspirant for higher levels of practice.

Through the use of Kriyas, Asana, and preliminary breathing techniques, these methods aim to remove physical obstructions, focus mental awareness, purify the body and mind, and establish a strong foundation to approach and achieve more advanced teachings.

The formal practice of Vashi Yoga reveals the systematic approach to Pranayama used by Bhusunda. It enhances the human power of attention (Avadhana) and directs that attention towards an advanced practice of absorption called Samyama.

Samyama is an advanced Yogic practice of mastering and merging Dharana (one pointedness), Dhyana (Meditation), and Samadhi (Absorption) into a superior, transmutational state of awareness. It is  capable of exponentially enhancing whatever object or phenomena it is directed towards.

By channeling Samyama on the pure, essential qualities of Consciousness, Energy, and Matter, these qualities can grow exponentially thus, becoming more visible and tangible for our identification. The culmination of Vashi Yoga exponentially increases the capacity of the mind and awakens a miraculous shift in our experience of life. It is possible to achieve the same physiological, cognitive, and energetic transmutation Bhusunda attained.

“ I know that I am the world, all the activities in it and its intelligence. This is the secret of my longevity.” 

- Sat Guru Bhusunda