Vashi Mandala Temple

The Shiva Lingam Mandir is a traditional Shiva Lingam temple dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva, the primordial Yogi. The worship of Shiva in the form of a Lingam, typically a naturally, phallic shaped stone, is the oldest continuously practiced ritual in the world. Prior to its formal embrace with Hinduism, Lingam worship was regarded as the pinnacle ritual of devotion for Rishis and Sages who practice the art of Yoga autonomous from religious ties.  The lingam is often represented alongside the yoni, a symbol of the goddess or of Shakti, female creative energy. The union of lingam and yoni represents the "indivisible two-in-oneness of male and female, the passive space and active time from which all life originates". 

 The temple is open to the public for darshan on designated festival days and upon invitation. If you have an interest in finding out more about the Vashi Mandala, please refer to The Emanation page or Contact page.