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Yoga Mimamsa "Yogic Philosophy of Life and Living" Weekend Retreat

  • Hridaya Hermitage 243 Rand Road Industry, Maine United States of America (map)

Yoga Mimamsa is the philosophical result of the investigation of reality. It is the Yogis realization from using Tarka, “reasoning and rationale” to examine themselves, the world and the incredible opportunity of human life.

The Yogis saw that all beings have a beneficial purpose that supports life around them. Yoga Mimamsa is the philosophy, the view, the motivation and the method, to live our intended purpose. Imagine an existence where, through your natural everyday activity, you benefit all beings!

Our Retreat will expose, elaborate and expound on Yoga Mimamsa, the knowing and application of how to live as true humane beings! Do not miss this extraordinary opportunity to hear, apply and experience the Yogis greatest contribution to the world.

Join us for one of the most exciting and revealing Yoga Retreats you will ever experience! To take advantage of the lunar movement towards the light we usually host out retreats on the weekend closest to the new moon. To honor the Summer Solstice we have made an exception!

Our retreat includes:

  • 5 hours of teachings, application and discussion on Yogi life and Yoga Mimamsa

  • 3 ½ hours of Asana (postures), Pranayam (breath extension) and meditation intensives

  • Sattvic (balanced) vegan fare-prepared by experienced dedicated practitioners and chefs

  • Pradakshina-a meditative hike, circumambulating our Guru's practice temple, a traditional practice to receive the emanations of accomplished practitioners (optional)

  • Traditional Yogic ceremonies-outer experiences that reflect and enhance our inner goals

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All inclusive Weekend Retreat price: $349. Includes all programs, meals and 2 nights, 2 person shared accommodation, private rooms available at extra cost (contact us for price and availability). 

Om Narbhavi Swaha! "Goodness is manifested for all beings!"