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Asana "Inverting and Back Bending Postures for the Reversal of Bodily Conditions" Festival

  • Hridaya Hermitage 245 Greenwood Brook Road Industry, Maine America (map)

We are under the pressure of gravity, the physical stresses of life and our environment 24/7. This results in mental and physical dis-ease, premature aging and unnecessary suffering! The Yogis saw this result and deemed it unnecessary and unacceptable!

To reverse this process we have to, literally, reverse. When organs are displaced, under the constant pressure of downward movement they cannot function optimally. Every bodily process starts in the brain and travels through the spinal column. The spine is constantly compressed. As this builds, nerves pinch and compromise the functionality of the body on all levels.

Back bending and inverted Asanas (postures) are the key. When we bend back we not only release the pressure but we pull the organs, muscles, ligaments and vertebrae the other way. What was compressed is now released, what was tight is now loose. When we invert we reverse the pressure of gravity entirely. This flushes and exercises the entire vascular system. Another bodily function that all other functions depend on!

When we are bending back, or upside down this also reverses our view. Our thoughts slow, the mind calms, creating a very conducive internal environment for meditation. When the body can release, so can the mind.

The Asanas of reversal yield the highest benefits, out of all Asanas, to practitioners looking to attain the greatest levels of health and well being. Do not seek to just avoid, contain or maintain bodily conditions. Reverse them entirely!

Our Festival day includes:

  •  3 ½ hours teachings, application and discussion introducing Yogi life and Asana practice

  •  An Asana (postures), Pranayam (breath extension) and meditation intensive

  • Sattvic (balanced) vegan fare-prepared by experienced dedicated practitioners and chefs

  • Pradakshina-a meditative hike, circumambulating our Guru's practice temple, a traditional practice to receive the emanations of accomplished practitioners (optional)

  • Traditional Yogic ceremonies-outer experiences that reflect and enhance our inner goals

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Om Narbhavi Swaha "Goodness is manifest for all beings!"