Becoming a Member

Hridaya Hermitage is a registered 501c3 and offers a variety of ways you can get involved and become a member. Our greatest desire is to encourage the exploration of the amazing opportunities Vashi Yoga has to offer. From individual spiritual growth to global changes for humanity we provide a unique direction for aspirants to turn towards. Regardless of your faith or belief, whether you are young, old, or too old, there is an opportunity for everyone to benefit from the teachings of Vashi Yoga and the sanctuary of Hridaya Hermitage.

 As always, all public events are open to anyone interested in Hridaya Hermitage, without any form of membership. Initial and repeated visits are welcomed and highly encouraged. Our primary interest is to simply share the joy of our lives, this wonderful place, and our unique teachings without expectation. Your participation and level of dedication to Hridaya Hermitage is a personal, intimate experience we encourage you to nurture at your own pace and interest.

 Patron Member

If after repeated visits and greater interest we encourage aspirants to consider becoming a patron member of Hridaya Hermitage. This introductory affiliation with Hridaya indicates an intention to strive for fulfilling basic membership ethics. These ethics are based on an individuals Tarka or contemplative inquiry into the nature and purpose of a human being, which is reflected in the initial limbs of Yoga; Yamas (sacred observances) and Niyamas (qualities of self-discipline). The benefit of becoming a patron member confirms an acknowledgement and identification with the mission and purpose of Hridaya Hermitage. Strengthening an aspirant’s connection to the lineage of Hridaya and establishing the foundation of an overall intention for their life.

 Devotee Member

Our second class of membership involves a formal initiation into the lineage of Vashi Yoga. This level of membership takes place once the aspirant has made a conclusive decision that the philosophy and sadhana of Vashi Yoga is the path of their life. At this time a resident disciple of Hridaya Hermitage confirms a formal acknowledgment of their dedication and sponsors their initiation. The initiation process includes formal teachings into the practices of Vashi Yoga, a formal vow of devotion to the Vashi lineage (Parampara Vrata) and a spiritual name dedication ceremony (NamaKarana Vrata).

 Disciple Member

The highest level of membership is becoming an initiated disciple of Bhagavan Vashi Baba and Sri Mirabai Ishwari. This level of initiation requires the sponsorship of a resident disciple of Hridaya Hermitage to request an audience with the Guru on the behalf of the aspirant. At this point acceptance as a disciple is at the discretion of the Guru in accordance with the traditions Gurukula. The ancient form of oral teaching transferred directly from Guru to shishya (disciple). If accepted and initiated into the Vashi Lineage, the aspirant will receive NamaKarana Vrata and be invited to participate in the Vashi Mandala.  To find out more about discipleship see our page on Hridaya Yogis (link)

To see our bylaws, regarding membership or other interests in how our organization operates, click here. >Hridaya Hermitage 501c3 Bylaws