Life at the Hermitage

Life at Hridaya hermitage is based on devotion...


Hridaya is home of hermits, serious practioners, disciples of Bhagavan Vashi Baba and Mirabai Ishwari, that follow a strict routine of meditation, yogic practices, vegan diet and natural living. We receive teachings from our Gurus twice a week, during Satsangs and Upadeshes, when the Guru comes out of His retreat and secluded life. Every single move and activity of our community is dedicated, planned and addressed to achieving the goals of our mission given by our Beloved Guru Bhagavan Vashi Baba. Our mission is to reach the true nature of human being, reaching the core of ourselves, and emananting this true to all beings. We dedicate our lives and our attention  to attain the highest attainment of Yoga - the Divya Deha or Divine Body, following Bhagavan Vashi Baba example. We incorporate an entire yogic sadhana (practice) of Kriya (internal purification), Yogasana (unified posture), Pranayama (life-force expansion), Avadhana (practice of attention) as it is traditionally intended to be taught and performed. It is only from engaging in a complete systematic approach to yoga with the correct intention and level of attention that the full power of these ancient practices can be realized and experienced.
When the disciple is ready the Guru appears, accordingly to the Scriptures, this is the essence of ripeness that each disciple must have and reach to be able to receive the sacred ancient teachings of Vashi Yoga.  Guru means “the remover of darkness”, which in Yoga describes the nature of the Guru’s intention to bring the disciple out of his own darkness of ignorance about How Life Trully Is. It is through the purity of the Guru's intention and motive that inspires the disciple to look inward and identify with same purity and fulfillment as the Guru, He is the one that has already achieved self realization of the truth of life. The time honored tradition of the Guru/Disciple relationship lies at the heart of being a disciple at Hridaya Hermitage. Every initiated disciple cherishes this once in a lifetime opportunity to have found the Guru.  The essence of being a disciple is the devotion and gratefulness you feel for the grace of the Guru.  Our lives are structured in a way that allow us to practice 24 hours and 7 days a week through the power of attention on consciousness, energy and matter, the base components of all life in the universe.     
“ The Guru is the pure effulgent spirit, the dispeller of darkness, the epitome of what each disciple should aspire to be. His domain is the spirit and it is to guide the disciple into this realm that he appears in our lives. Once the link with the Guru is established, time cannot change it nor death eradicate it. It is a permanent union. The Guru stays with you life after life.”