Kaya Kalpa

The entire process of Vashi Kaya Kalpa is aimed at reversing the degenerative effects of time and stress upon the physical, mental, and energetic systems of the body. The three-stage process of Release, Reverse and Rejuvenate is the body’s naturally occurring healing process. Paramount to this process is the practice of expanding “life force,” Prana, the universal, vital energy responsible for bringing Life to all things. It is found in all life-sustaining elements, like food, water, and breath, however its concentration is greatest in the breath.  The key to the remarkable healing power of Vashi Kaya Kalpa is the Yogic breathing practices of Pranayama.

Pranayama acts as a tuning device to balance and harmonize all bodily systems and enliven the activity of each and every cell by replenishing all the vital organs and tissues with fresh supplies of oxygen, blood, and Pranic energy. By increasing the absorption of Prana, through Pranayama, as well as, increasing suppleness, strength, and flexibility of the body through Asana (postures) and assisted Yogic bodywork, Prana enriched nutriment and herbal elixirs, self-regulation is restored to our internal physiology - revitalizing the purification, harmonization, and rejuvenation processes of the entire body.

Once the basic organ and tissues systems of the body have been adequately purified the subtler, more complex life sustaining faculties influenced by our mind and thoughts - like the nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system- can be revitalized. The key to achieving this level of harmonization depends upon the unimpeded flow of Prana (life force) in and out of the body, critical in establishing a harmonious, positive mental attitude.  An indispensable measure to insure a systemic reversal from constant degeneration to progressive rejuvenation.