Life as a Disciple

The disciples of Hridaya Hermitage are dedicated individuals who have independently chosen to devote their lives and all of their attention to embodying the teachings of Bhagavan Vashi Baba; to strive and attain the highest attainment of Yoga (the Divya Deha or Divine Body).

The disciples at Hridaya came from all walks of life before finding the Hermitage. However, the one thing they all have in common was the profound experience of their encounter with Bhagavan that changed their life forever.

In every tradition of Yoga, it is said that when the disciple is ready the Guru will appear. One of the initial stages of becoming “ripe” for spirituality is a sense of dispassion. A longing and yearning for the knowledge of a greater purpose and a greater sense of fulfillment.

This is the essence of readiness found in a disciple. In the Yogic scriptures it is emphatically stated that one cannot make progress on the path of Yoga without being “ripe” and having the guidance of the Guru. Anyone seeking the enlightenment of higher knowledge, whether it is basic academics or advanced spiritual knowledge, must accept a teacher.

Guru means “the remover of darkness”, which in Yoga describes the nature of the Guru’s intention to bring light to the disciple. It is through the purity of the Gurus intention and motive that inspires the disciple to look inward and identify with same purity and fulfillment as the Guru. The time honored tradition of the Guru/Disciple relationship lies at the heart of being a disciple at Hridaya Hermitage. Every initiated disciple cherishes this once in a lifetime opportunity to have found the Guru.  The essence of being a disciple is the devotion and gratefulness you feel for the grace of the Guru.                 

“ The Guru is the pure effulgent spirit, the dispeller of darkness, the epitome of what each disciple should aspire to be. Their domain is the spirit and it is to guide the disciple into this realm that he appears in our lives. Once the link with the Guru is established, time cannot change it nor death eradiate it. It is a permanent union. The Guru stays with you life after life.”