Gurukul School

Hridaya Gurukul School

A Gurukul (Sanskrit guru "teacher" or "master"; kul domain, from kula, "extended family") is a type of school in India, residential in nature, with students (shishyas) living in proximity to the guru. In a Gurukul, shishyas reside together, irrespective of their social standing, learn from the vast knowledge of guru and are guided through various spiritual curriculums of knowledge. Including vedic mathematics, astrology, Yogic practices, natural Yogic healing, scriptures, and help the guru in their day-to-day life, including the carrying out of chores and projects that benefit the sacred grounds they all share.  

As a non-accredited private school the Hermitage Gurukul program develops and implements primary and secondary education to the residential disciple members children. Currently, our gurukul program has 11 students ranging from pre-school to secondary school curriculum. 

Other offerings of the School include: Yoga Programs in Public or other Private Schools. We just finished teaching 2,000 kids in 7 schools in our local school district. We hold monthly Yoga Festival Programs with Yoga Classes, nature adventures on our 100 acres of forest, art, games and more. These festivals happen during the larger Public Festivals held at Hridaya so these events are perfect for the whole family!