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Hridaya Hermitage

A real traditional Ashram in the mountains of Maine.



Hridaya Hermitage is home of yogis dedicated to the mission to practice the power of attention on Life. Vashi Yoga practice is based on the improvement of the power of attention (Avadhana) on the three essential components of life = Consciousnesses (Awareness), Energy (Prana) and Matter (Elements). With this practice we seek to experience true fulfillment, and emanate that to all living beings.

This practice has its expression in everything we do if its our formal practice morning and night, in the work we do during the day or the people we meet.

visitors are offered the opportunity to engage in yogic lifestyle with us and enjoy the powerful rejuvenation that true yoga bestows upon the practitioner

***change text to have the yogi practicing and us offering that experience and blessing to others (for example we are giving to the visitors the same massage treatment that the yogi has for his practice)

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"Om Narbhavi Swaha!"

(may goodness be manifest)