The Tradition of Giving


Yogic Hermitages were created to offer people a sacred environment for spiritual practices and living. In the Yogic tradition it was created through a vision inspired by a great yogi or sage. The yogi or sage represented an opportunity for practitioners to experience a vast abundance of spiritual knowledge, considered to be the most precious wisdom.

People seeking spiritual insight and solace would come together and support the worldly affairs and normal duties of this great master by offering donations in different forms to insure the continued availability of the sages great wisdom and teaching offerings. 

Aspirants and common people alike recognized that in caring for the simple and modest needs of the guru and dedicated disciples, they would reap one hundred fold in inner wealth and prosperity. Furthermore, the offering of donations as a benevolent act of selflessness would reap a deeper and more profound connection with the Yogis spiritual lineage and spiritual power.

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