Chandra Darshan ~ The Nectar of Immortality (click to know more)

Life is the most precious possession we have. For this reason Yogis dedicate their lives to embodying and emanating life, which is the true and ultimate purpose of this precious gift we got. To break it down simply, essentially, the yoga Science acknowledge three irrefutable components that defined life for all beings:
 1) We are all consciousnes;
2) We all breath and experience energy;
3) We all experience some form of embodyment. 

If you are alive, these fundamental qualities are at the foundation of your life. Yogis found that by placing intense focused attention (Samyama) on these three components, life grew and expanded, in turn emanating this life enhancement to all beings! More attention on Life results in its expantion, resulting more fulfillment experience. 

Join us for an insightful, expansive, and amazingly inspirational experience of Vashi yoga.