Shiva Lila~Devotional Chanting from the Yogis of Hridaya

  • Kusum Institute 1st Street Scarborough, ME, 04074 United States

Music is a language we can all understand~Bhajan is the music of fulfillment. Call and response Sanskrit chants combined with dynamic, energizing hand percussion envelope and tantalize the senses with a taste of the pure fulfillment that is our true identity! 

Bhagavan Das, Gopala and Uma have been living and practicing Yoga together for almost 2 decades and they celebrate their love of life through sound! 

Join us for a night of music and upliftment you will never forget!

The proceeds of the event support Hridaya Hermitage, a non-profit dedicated to enhancing Life through Yoga and emanation. %100 of your donation goes to the cost of the performance and there! 

Suggested donation $15-20
Also puchase Shiva Lila's first album! Newly released!