Wood Seva "Selfless Service" Day

Wood Weekend Sat. and Sun. August 6th and 7th at Hridaya Hermitage! Hridaya is a Yogic Community that is off the grid and uses wood for heat and cooking. We cut, split, haul and stack 20 cord of wood a year. We are inviting you to join us in this fun project. With 26 members we are a large group. Wood is a fun way to come together in a more casual setting with the Yogis of Hridaya and experience the inner workings of a well established communal way of life. It is a great day with stream dips, great company and conversation, ending in a nice Sauna! Communities coming together to accomplish large tasks used to be a way of life, bringing humanity closer by experiencing our inter-dependency. We have lost this in our modern lives and what a great loss it is! This is also a perfect work exchange opportunity for people looking to partake in Hridaya Hermitage's other offerings! See you there! Wonderful vegetarian food, overnight accommodations, an incredible atmosphere deep in the woods, with bubbling streams all around and much more are all part of the package!