Raksha Bandan

In the ancient tradition of VaShi Yoga, Raksha Bandhan honors the deep bond that exists between humanity and all other beings.
This bond is an innate feeling that humans have, knowing that it is us who make the choices for all of life. Simply put, if we can learn how to enhance and extend life for ourselves and all beings we can all thrive and experience fulfillment.
This message is the true and original purpose of Yoga. 
This event is dedicated to that. 

Event highlights:

Guru blessing ceremony
Guru spiritual teachings (upadesh)
Amazing food
Inspiring yoga teachings
Ending ceremony (yagya) fire ceremony
There are kid activities all day (see schedule below) so this is a perfect family event!

Details and general information

Life is the most precious possession we have. For this reason Yogis dedicate their lives to embodying and emanating the true and ultimate purpose of this precious gift of Life. To break it down simply, essentially, they acknowledge three irrefutable components that defined life for all beings. 1) We are all consciousnes 2) We all breath and experience energy, and 3) We all experience some form of embodyment. 
If you are alive, these fundamental qualities are at the foundation of your life. Yogis found that by placing intense focused attention on these comoponents, life grew and expanded, in turn emanating this life enhancement to all beings! More attention on Life = More Life = The Nectar of Immortality! Wow!
Join us for an insightful, expansive, and inspirational experience of a lifetime..

Each festival at Hridaya Hermitage is a rare opportunity and offering to the public to step out of daily life and travel back in time to a pure Yoga Hermitage reminiscent of ancient India.
Hridaya (spiritual heart) hermitage (reclusive place of practice) is home of practicing Yogis and Gurus Sri Bhagavan VaShi Baba where the ancient teachings of VaShi Yoga thrive.
Aside from the public presentations that are held once a month, Bhagavan and his wife Sri Mirabai concentrate there efforts for the benefit of all beings on intense spiritual Sadhana (practice) and in depth teachings and guidance for the disciples of Hridaya.
The highlight of each event offered is an afternoon discourse and empowerment given by Sri Bhagavan. Full of powerful insight, colorful analogies and irrefutable logic, this discourse on the intention of Yoga lays out the missing ingredients in our modern view, shedding vast light on the meaning of life and the direction we should be looking to. 
Other highlights of the day include
~ 2 hour VaShi yoga intensive designed to inspire novice and advanced yoga practitioners alike. Focusing on practical application in this workshop, 2 residing master practitioners guide individuals to the essential points of yoga and it's life enhancing effect. 
~amazing vegetarian cuisine (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
~social chat time for reflection and socializing
~guided tour of the ashram grounds
~Meditation teachings
Please save the date 3'~
This event is put on by the residents of the hermitage as an offering to invite any people of any faith or belief to participate. The festivals are donation based reflecting the value of time and energy put into each event, 
however no one is turned away due to lack of funds. We hope to share this universal message with all :)
Suggested donation $72 / Children $27
please rsvp for this event by sending us a Facebook message, or calling 207-542-6606