Shiva Lila Bhajan~Live Music from the Yogis of Hridaya

  • The Ranch 1 Halls Hill Road Falmouth, ME, 04105 United States

We are very musch looking forward to this event! Ashok Nalamalapu was the first ever host of Shiva Lila! We have been performing for 5 years, have released our first album and want to celebrate where it all began! KiJai!

Music is a language we can all understand~Bhajan is the music of fulfillment. Call and response Sanskrit chants combined with dynamic, energizing hand percussion envelope and tantalize the senses with a taste of the pure fulfillment that is our true identity! 

Bhagavan Das, Gopala and Uma have been living and practicing Yoga together for almost 2 decades and they celebrate their love of life through sound! 

Join us for a night of music and upliftment you will never forget!

The proceeds of the event support Hridaya Hermitage, a non-profit dedicated to enhancing Life through Yoga and emanation. %100 of your donation goes to the cost of the performance and there! 

Suggested donation $15-20
Also puchase Shiva Lila's first album! Newly released!