Guru Poornima~

  • Hridaya Hermitage

Guru Poornima celebrates and honors the Yogic principle of the Guru. During this auspicious time, Yogis and aspirants of truth celebrate this occasion by sharing this knowledge with humanity and deepening their spiritual practice and commitments. 

We welcome all Yogis, aspirants, and curious individuals to join us for this enlightening day of Yogic Sadhana.
Join us for the day, or even a few hours to bask in the essential nature of Yoga. 
Highlights include.....

~ 2 hour yoga intensives
~ teachings on yogic lifestyle principles including nutrition, diet, philosophy and application
~ guided VaShi meditation
~ sacred pilgrimage and walking meditation
~ amazing vegetarian meals
~ social time and sacred music and more!!!! 

This event is put on by the Disciples of Sri Bhagavan VaShi Baba. Please inquire for reservations for day events, overnight accommodations, or general questions through messenger, or calling 207-542-6606. 
Suggested donation for events as follows....
 ~ $75

Please inquire for costs of overnight accommodations thankyou we surely hope to see you there !!!
Namaskar 3'~