Raksha Bhandan Festival

  • Hridaya Hermitage Hridaya Hermitage

The Blessing of Yoga: To Benefit All Beings

For the Yogi, Raksha Bhandhan signifies the altruistic mission of Yoga to enhance life for all beings. It is a time of seeing the blessing of this unique opportunity that provides all of humanity with a means of achieving endless, innate fulfillment from experiencing the immensity and power of LIFE! Through practice, teaching, and emanation, Yoga holds the key to realizing this power offering pinnacle physical health, supreme mental capacity , and divine spiritual power that activates and expands the higher functioning of our being.
This day we invite you to join us in a genuinely inspiring environment for seeing this potential, learning about the ultimate values of Yoga, and understanding how they can bring us to this true and natural purpose. 
At Hridaya Hermitage, this tradition continues and thrives with the teachings and emanation of Bhagavan VaShi Baba, Guru and lineage holder of VaShi Yoga (the oldest continuous lineage of Yoga). Come and learn how you can become apart of the mission to benefit all beings through Yoga. 3*~
Please inquire for registration by saying that you are coming on Facebook and sending a personal message confirming your attendance or call at 207 542 6606. If you are messaging us please make sure to include how many people will be coming in your group and what time you plan to arrive and depart. Thank you and look forward to seeing everyone!