Guru Poornima Festival

  • Hridaya Hermitage Rand Rd Industry, ME, 04938 United States

Guru the Dispeller of Darkness
Guru Poornama is a traditional holy day celebrated during the full moon time of July honoring the birth and meaning of the Guru.
It is said that the true Guru can bring one from the darkness into the light, revealing the true and ultimate purpose of this human existence. 
It is also said that even just to hear the truth once in this lifetime from one who knows can bring a seeker unfathomable benefit, even if it is not ones own Guru. 
As the disciples of our Sat Guru Sri Vashi Baba we are honored to share with you his profound teachings on Vashi Yoga.

We sincerely hope you'll come and join us. 
Jai Bhagavan Ki Jai!!

Suggested Donation: $72

Morning Sat Sang: The Outer Practice

This teaching introduces the physical form and sequence of Vashi Yoga. We will be demonstrating and instructing the proper form of Yogic breathing combined with specialized postures to enhance the physical, mental, and energetic experience of life.

Sattvic Vegetarian Meal: Enjoy a wonderful vegetarian lunch and dinner prepared with the blessing of  healing intention and meditation by Hridaya Yogis in our sacred kitchen.

Afternoon Sat Sang: The Inner Practice w/ Shiva Lila Kirtan.

Begins with an opening kirtan with Shiva Lila, Hridaya Hermitages very own, playing traditional devotional music from India, including Sanskrit chanting and heart pounding percussions. The Yogis of Hridaya will then offer a discourse on the philosophy of the inner meditation of Vashi Yoga, followed by a questions and answer period.   

Evening Yagna: Sacred Fire Offering

Each festival’s theme is based on different astrological phenomena that can enhance ones  intention and motivation of spiritual practice. To capitalize on these phenomena we conclude each festival with a Yagna,  a Yogic ritual of offering mantras and oblations to a sacred fire, for the purpose of emanating a specific  intention of transformation that is accentuated astrologically .