Maha Shivaratri Festival

  • Hridaya Hermitage Rand Rd Industry, ME, 04938 United States

Yoga is the preeminent authority on the practice of living. It teaches us that with devotion to life and great personal effort our potential is limitless. Come to Hridaya Hermitage to find out how you can become fulfilled in Life and dispel the limitations that hold you back. Your life is your greatest possession, experience all it has to offer.

Maha Shivatri Festival Events 
10:30am Vashi Yoga Intensive
1:00pm Vegetarian Lunch
2:30pm Vashi Yoga Teaching w/ Bhagavan and Amma 
4:30pm Chai Social Hour
5:30pm Vegetarian Dinner
6:30pm Narbhavi Yajna/Fire Ceremony