Vashi Yoga Immersion @ Zev Yoga

  • Zev Yoga 16 Market Square Portsmouth, NH

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Saturday, March 8th

2-5pm: Vashi Yoga Workshop Part 1

7:30-9:30pm: Shiva Lila Kirtan

Sunday, March 9th

9am-12pm: Vashi Yoga Workshop Part 2

$90 for both workshops

$50 individually

$15 suggested donation for kirtan

To register contact Zev Yoga @ 601.501.9292

In Part 1 we will introduce the basic philosophy and theory of Vashi Yoga, the oldest, continuous lineage of Yoga.  Paramount to success in the practice of Yoga is the application of Tarka or spiritual reasoning. Tarka is a practice of reasoning and rationality that focuses a practitioner’s attention (avadhana) towards inner transformation for the benefit of all life. Furthermore, we will introduce basic breathing and Pranayama techniques essential for Yoga practice, as well as, the Vashi Yoga sequence of Mudras or seals that manipulate the body to direct and channel the flow of Prana. Mudras focus on inversion (Vipareet Karani Mudra), back bending (Hridaya Mudra), and forward bending (Maha Mudra). 

In Part 2 we will continue deepening our understanding and application of Tarka and channeling the power of our attention, as we introduce more advance meditation techniques to the practice. Furthermore, we will fine-tune the physical movements of Mudra and Pranayama to insure proper application and retention for home practice. Finally, we will perform the entire practice in sequence with facilitation and corrections.