Vashi Yoga Intensive & Shiva Lila Kirtan @ Zev Yoga

  • Zev Yoga 16 Markey Square Portsmouth, NH, 03801 USA
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Vashi Yoga Intensive 2-5pm and Shiva Lila Bhajan 7:30pm
Saturday, January 11th

Vashi Yoga Intensive@ 2-5pm 
This 3 hour workshop suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, will be dedicated to the principles of Pranayama ( life force breathing ) and Avadhana ( inner attention ) unique to the practice of Vashi Yoga. With 3 yogis offering demonstrations and hands on adjustments, if you desire to advance with your yoga practice both externally and internally, this is the workshop for you.

Shiva Lila Kirtan @ 7:30pm 
This kirtan will enliven your body and bring joy to your face. Unlike any kirtan you have experienced before with heart pounding percussion rhythms, get ready to sing and move.