Winter Solstice Festival

  • Hridaya Hermitage 243 Greenwood Brook Rd Industry, Maine USA

The quest for the truth has been humanities greatest aspiration, as well as our greatest debate. Our timeless pursuit to answer the meaning of life has led to innumerable convictions to a reality that should only have one answer. Come and learn how the Yogic philosophy of life provides a clear, rational, and infallible path to realizing the ultimate potential of human kind, which defines the meaning of our lives. The only way to understand the meaning of life is by knowing the full meaning and purpose of the life you’ve been given.

All teachings are presented by Bhagavan Vashi Baba, a genuine enlightened master of Yoga. In accordance with the oral traditions of Yogic teachings, Bhagavan delivers an authentic and genuine perspective of the path of Yoga, which is all but lost in the modern interpretation of Yoga. This is truly a unique, life altering opportunity to experience the teachings of Yoga from a living master.