Emanation & Experience

Emanation is defined as a phenomenon by which a principal, originating energy expands and “pours forth” into contact and influence with other objects and space. The strength and reach of an emanation is determined by the power of the originating energy and the intended direction of its force. The emanation creates a reaction, which is the basis of our experiences. The result of the experience is in turn another emanation. Essentially, this self-perpetuating cycle of emanation and experience defines our life. 

Take for example, the emanation of human emotion. When a person who is visibly happy and excited enters a room the excitement is palpable. Typically, this has a positive effect on the mood of others in the room, who in turn positively affect even more people. Likewise, the same is true in the opposite, when an angry or depressed person enters a room the mood changes and is felt dramatically. What determines the power of influence is the intensity of the emotion as it correlates to the experience. In instances of profound influence, which have emanated to affect large groups, it is apparent that the magnitude of an individual’s inspiration determines the breadth of emanation.  For example, consider the inspiration of Gandhi and his aspiration for dissent through passive resistance, which through the strength and passion of his experience and convictions had a profound influence on a global scale for achieving peace through non-violence. Once again, the same is true, only in the reverse, when you consider the negative influence of Hitler and the contagion of hate that he perpetuated throughout Europe. In instances of profound influence that have emanated to affect large groups it is apparent that the magnitude of our emanation hinges on the power of our experiences. In short, the more powerful our experiences the greater the impact of our emanation.

 This cycle of emanation and experience portrays the fundamental paradigm for all life. In essence, it depicts life’s sustaining process of respiration that is vital at every level of existence. All living cells, whether they are human, plant, or microorganisms, depend upon respiration, which is both experiencing and influencing their environment. Undoubtedly, the greatest example of emanation and experience of life is the respiration of breathing.

 With each inhale, we intimately experience and absorb our surroundings. As breath fills our lungs and the life force (Prana) permeates to every cell of our body, we are experiencing a multitude of influences from the vibrational force of creation inherent to Prana, that touches all living things past and present, to the oxygen and gases that stimulate organs essential for our experience of life. With each exhale; what was breathed in has been transformed and is now infused with vibrations and elements of ourselves. Our breath and our being becomes an intimate and essential piece of our world. The Prana emanates back into infinite space, our breath arouses the senses of others and brings life to many living beings.

 Humans emanate the essence of their intention and being at all times, in many different ways.  From the words we speak and the projection of our emotions to the breath we breathe, our inner beliefs, emotions, and intention precede our presence without effort. Whether we can see it or not, our every action and choice is the product of an emanation we receive or project. In fact, our emanation is the essence of whom we are which includes how we identify with others and validate our existence. The power to emanate and influence the space around us, and even far beyond, is not only possible but empirically proven.  In fact, technological advances artificially enhance this ability to emanate information, ideas, and images of our lives and who we are.  These emanatory achievements, albeit crude, only scratch the surface of the ultimate, far reaching power of emanation human beings can achieve.

 Our Present Emanation

Humans are endowed with an exceptional mental and energetic capacity for emanation that distinguishes us from all other creatures.  It is this unique distinction that makes us human beings, a species with unprecedented power of influence to shape an entire world to meet our every need. No other species known to man has had the ability to emanate such control over all other life.

In less than a tenth of a percent of the total history of humanity, we’ve experienced over 90 percent of the total growth of human population. With over 7 billion people inhabiting the earth, our impact in a single day has resulted in in over 200,000 acres of rain-forest destroyed, 13 million tons of toxic chemicals released into the environment, over 45,ooo people succumbing to starvation every year and more than 130 plant and animal species have become extinct. As these grave dilemmas increase, the, implications of our future trajectory are devastating and the burden of our responsibility is undeniably clear.  Ironically, in spite of all our boasting of heightened evolution and advancement, humanity continues to behave profoundly irrational and irresponsibly in its pursuit of fulfillment.

It has been scientifically proven that the average human being uses only 8% of our mental capacity. Billions of computations are taking place in the human brain while the individual remains ignorant to the vast power and precision that lies dormant to their awareness. Coupled with a meager 6-second focused attention {i} span to process, decide, and act upon information and experiences, the ability to calculate the effects of our choices are extremely impaired. The result is a diminutive awareness of how our actions impress upon the larger balance of life.

For example, the current environmental and social despair our world suffers on many fronts is the product of actions humanity has taken without the insight or knowledge of how the consequences would impact the greater balance for all living things. At the time, the immediate benefit appeared to solve an immediate problem.  In our limited capacity, we proclaim to have all the answers; however, we remain oblivious to a larger interconnectedness and pursue making decisions without a clear vision of how they will affect all living things. Simply put, the limited levels of our mental awareness and attention spans greatly limit our ability to see the big picture. Ultimately our individual fulfillment is contingent upon the fulfillment of all living things and without this realization our fulfillment is short-lived and costly to our own survival and life on this planet.

Now multiply this tendency by 7 billion and the sum of this equation equals a mass emanation of people making countless life impacting decisions, ignorant of consequences, all in the pursuit of happiness. Each generation influencing the next, reinforcing this irrational method of thinking and sadly unaware of any other option.  In short, the current human propensity does not understand that the permanent fulfillment we all seek is the pure experience of Life itself and therefore does not recognize the enduring pleasure that would come from nurturing that purity and embodying its ultimate potential. If humanity could realize the magnitude of its potential there would only be one choice to make.

 The Choice

The teaching of Yoga describes, in abundant detail, the realization of a greater human potential. Explicitly illustrating the physical character of this potential as well as outlining the means for its attainment in a context void of elitism and conceivable for all. The Yogic term for this potential is Divya-Deha, which translates to “the divine body”. Clearly indicating that a human beings natural, ultimate potential is fundamentally divine and that there is no greater grandeur then becoming what was destined to be.

 The essential character of the Divya-Deha is an optimally functioning human being, fully accessing and utilizing all the attributes inherent to itself in order achieve maximum capacity. This means employing 100% conscious control of all mental capability, including infinite, focused attention span, combined with a boundless sense of collective and self-awareness.  By possessing a refined subtle anatomy capable of embracing the respiration of life force (Prana) with absolute absorption and complete release, achieves full surrender to the perfect ebb and flow of energy. Lastly, generating a perfectly forged physical embodiment, where all organ systems and structures are performing at pinnacle efficiency and strength and void of any impurity, can result in one possessing “super” natural abilities and being capable of experiencing the unbridled mastery over all human talents.  In brief, being totally and permanently fulfilled.

 A genuine devotion and revelry for Life would prevail and spawn an epiphany of altruistic purpose that would make humans stewards of life in this world. Blessed with the responsibility of ensuring that all living things were nurtured and encouraged to reach their ultimate potential, as a result choices would no longer be governed by a misleading sense of fulfillment but rather to experience the endless expansion of life. We would be compelled to reconsider the choices we’ve made and embark on a new trajectory of human consciousness that acts with a universal foresight, compassion, and humaneness.

 Indisputably, this marvel would constitute the greatest human experience ever to be achieved and therefore would be the most powerful and influential human emanation possible. The emanation would be the feeling of intrinsic fulfillment. Those exposed to the emanation would instinctively sense a feeling of fulfillment stirring inside, unlike any they had felt before, and would identify the source of fulfillment as the inherent sensation of realizing ones own potential. With the knowledge and power that everlasting fulfillment can be a reality and is the innate potential of a human being, the choice becomes immediately apparent: to strive and reach this divine potential or continue to exist in our current state?

 It is our mission to emanate this potential of human nature. We believe that if humanity is presented with this choice through rationality and experience, people will choose the path of actualizing their divine potential. The history of Yoga reveals the profound litmus of the power and influence of a single Yogi’s ability to uplift humanity when experiencing and emanating this truth. It is our intention to expand that influence exponentially by creating an indiscriminate opportunity for all humanity through a gathering of the collective forces of like-minded practitioners of Yoga devoted to the attainment of reaching the Divya-Deha. As we forge our human potential and exponentially expand our human capabilities, our emanation will expand exponentially as well.  By gaining greater and greater influence over the mass momentum of humanity, we expand the experiences of their life, which is currently functioning at only a fraction of their potential. Essentially, we will reverse the common adage that a few bad apples will spoil the bunch. Thanks to physics, we know that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, therefore it must be true that a few divine apples can enlighten them all.

 The Vashi Mandala

The spiritual practice of Mandala is traditionally depicted as a cycle of contained energy that increases in power and emanation from the collective effort of joined individuals’ constant Samyama, a rare and exponential power of human attention. It is our intention to emanate and uphold an unbroken chain of meditational energy, we call the Vashi Mandala, through directing the Yogic practice of Samyama onto the essential elements of Life: Consciousness (Chit), Energy (Prana), and Matter (Tattva).  The unique difference between the Vashi Mandala and the attempts of global transformation in past and the present is the power of Samyama.  A highly attuned practice that combines the phenomena of utilizing a 100% of the mind with 100% of attention.  If practiced proficiently, collectively, and consistently by a group of people, the realization of a divine potential can be offered to humanity. Our mission is to project a clear and distinguishable vibration of energy that people can experience in their heart and mind and that will awaken them to the pinnacle of human potential and life, the Divine Body, and the inherent wisdom and practice of Vashi Yoga. The overarching goal is to provide an alternative choice to the meaning of Life with the hope of reversing the degenerative trajectory of our world.

{i} Focused attention is a short-term response to a stimulus that attracts attention. The attention span for this level is very brief, with a maximum span, without any lapse at all, that may be as short as 8 seconds.[2] This level of attention is attracted by a ringing telephone, or other unexpected occurrence. After a few seconds, it is likely that the person will look away, return to a previous task, or think about something else.

 {ii} Sustained attention is the level of attention that produces the consistent results on a task over time. If the task is handling fragile objects, such as hand-washing delicate crystal glasses, then a person showing sustained attention will stay on task and will not break any dishes. A person who loses focus may break a glass or may stop washing the dishes to do something else. Most healthy teenagers and adults are unable to sustain attention on one thing for more than about 40 minutes at a time, although they can choose repeatedly to re-focus on the same thing.[2] This ability to renew attention permits people to "pay attention" to things that last for more than a few minutes, such as long movies.