Pranayama: The Miracle of Life

In the name of natural healing, alternative and conventional healers alike incorporate diverse approaches to removing toxicity from the system, improving digestive and elimination strength, advocating daily physical exercise, and activities that promote stress reduction. Vashi Kaya Kalpa incorporates all these techniques as well, however unlike all other systems of healing the Yogic methodology enhances the healing process even further and greatly expands the vision of health.  The major difference is the emphasis on harnessing the power of Prana, the everlasting life force that rides the breath and nourishes all life. Through the practice of Pranayama, the powerful processes of breathing practices that enhance the flow of Prana in the body, the greatest potential of health can be achieved.

Pranayama is the bridge that links the body and mind. Through Pranayama, the most vital autonomic function of the body, breathing, can be consciously controlled by the mind. Proper breathing acts as a tuning device to balance and harmonize all of the other functional systems in the body. Continuously replenishing all the vital organs and tissues with fresh supplies of oxygen, blood, and Pranic energy. By consciously regulating the breath and thus the movement of Prana, the mind becomes capable of directly regulating the conditions and equilibrium of all the internal organs and glands in the body. By increasing the supply and flow of Prana, Pranayama, corrects any imbalance of the subtle energy systems, including both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, as well as , the meridians and nadis that govern the distribution of Prana. Through the practice of Pranayama we can effectively prevent and eradicate illness, assist and accelerate detoxification and harmonization of the entire system, giving rise to a potential of regeneration and health beyond our current experience or belief.