Guru Poornima

As Guru Poornima (a festival in honor of all Gurus, come celebrate with us on July 13th!!) draws near I wanted to share this video. Ramana was one of our Gurus first Gurus and recognized by millions as one of the great Saints of the 20th century. Tho Ramana did not call himself a Guru, he taught and 'removed the darkness' of so many with his teachings and emanation. This video illustrates so well what a true Guru is. Today Gurus are often viewed as people who take advantage of others and live overly comfortable lives, being waited on by their "disciples". This is not so. A True Guru has simply found fulfillment and wants to offer that to all beings, and yes there is an exchange for that, as there is for everything-a new car, a hotel room, etc., but the True Guru never says "believe because I say so" or asks for anything for their own benefit. Like a 'Fulfilling Life Professional' they will show those who ask how to live human life as it was intended: happy and fulfilling with the opportunity to give that happiness to all!!! Many might ask how do you know the Guru knows? All we have is our experience and when you meet someone and every gesture, every glance, every word of theirs emanates joy, love and fulfillment and that is your experience of them...that's how you know!! How do you know you are in love? You feel it!! And then you use your rational to do "the math" on their teachings and it should make perfect sense as to how you will reach ultimate fulfillment! We are all human, how to truly BE HUMAN and happy should make sense to us!! If it does you have found your Guru! Sadly the video cuts short, but it is still wonderful to watch! Enjoy!

Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi rare video