Bhu Devi Mata Mandir

The Bhu Devi Mata Temple is....

the center of our emanation Vashi yoga practice. That is where initiated disciples of Bhagavan and Mirabai gather to uphold a continuous meditation emanation.  Every evening there is a continuous meditation practice to emanate to all beings the fulfillmnet of life, seeking the realization of the divine human nature.

The Bhu Devi Mata Mandir is a temple dedicated to the feminine aspect of divinity otherwise known as Shakti. In Sankrit, Bhu Devi Mata means the “Mother Goddess of Creation” or commonly known in our culture as Mother Earth. The deity of the temple is a depiction of the mother birthing creation in a beautiful relief carved out of black granite. The Hermitage rescued this sacred artifact from a condemned temple in Nepal, returning her to the sanctity of a temple where she receives regular worship and adoration.

The inner sanctum of the Bhu Devi Mata Temple sits at the center of daily life at the Hermitage, amidst the daily activities of a community practicing Yogic life. Including, the daily preparation and serving of food, daily Prasad offering to temple deity, and also our place of community satsangs for the weekly teachings with Gurus Bhagavan and Mirabai.