In 1989, Bhagavan Vashi Baba established Hridaya Hermitage to create a traditional Yogic hermitage dedicated to the authentic teachings and lineage of Vashi Yoga, a shaivite lineage which worships Lord Shiva, The Supreme being, the first Yogi. Since 1999 his wife Sri Mirabai Ishwar joyned Him  representing themselves as Shiva an Shakti energies together to hold te Vashi Yoga Mission.

Vashi Yoga literally translates to mean “union with the controller”.  Its foundation originates from the SatGuru (the great Guru) called Bhusunda. The account of Bhusunda´s life and teachings are depicted in the Yoga Vasistha, an epic Yoga scripture detailing the secret of his renowned longevity based on the practice of Pranayama (expansion of pran – the life force)